Duplex IPTV application


e Duplex iPTV app the best iPTV app in the industry and more importantly this is the genuine version so it will always be officially updated.

The app is available on: Play Store, LG Store, Samsung Store, Amazon Store and you can download the APK file to install on any Android device.

Duplex IPTV is the most advanced and user-friendly IPTV player.

With Duplex IPTV, you will be able to enjoy our IPTV subscription on your smart TVs (LG, Samsung and more), Fire TV, Android devices including TVs. TV boxes, phones and tablets.


The app comes with a lot of features that you will discover and love as you use it over time.

the features of the app which include, but are not limited to.

  • Supports audio track selection (if the media contains audio track information)

  • Saves recently played lists and resumes playback from the last saved position.

  • Allows creation and customization of favorite groups for quick access.

  • Supports groups built into playlists.

  • Quickly find items in playlists.
  • Allows you to search a specific position, you can drag the time slider to the precise position.



Version : 1.1.622 ( 21 June 2020 )

  • Fixes time adjustment.

  • Some other minor fixes


Version : 1.1.622 ( 21 June 2020 )

  • Fixes slow reading in limited devices.

  • Support more video / audio codecs.c
  • Adds the ability to save to local storage.

  • Adds the ability to cast to Chromecast devices.

  • Adds touch gestures to adjust volume and brightness.

  • Adds the ability to backup and restore settings and favorites to / from local storage.

  • Add more favorite groups.

  • Supports audio track selection (if the media contains audio track information)

  • Important: recordings and backups require permission to access storage. Make sure to enable this permission